10 December, 2018

Oxford University Takes on the VCMT Trading Challenge

Oxford University students competed for the best trades at the VCMT Trading Challenge in partnership with Oxford Finance Society (OFS). Victor, Frederick and Maninder from OFS share their experience of the Challenge.

I attended the VCMT trading challenge having completed a trading internship at another firm. Some of the things I enjoyed the most were the atmosphere of the trading floor and the pace of the work. VCMT did a very good job of replicating both of these in the challenge. It was an excellent event for demonstrating the intensity and dynamism of careers in trading. Being able to learn from employees from VCMT was a great opportunity to develop the skills to succeed in this environment. It was also very interesting hearing about VCMT’s rigorous training programme and how Junior traders could quickly take on responsibility on one of the company's trading desks.

  • Victor, Oxford Finance Society

I was keen to develop my knowledge of trading so attending the VCMT Trading Challenge was the perfect opportunity for me to do this. I liked how VCMT explained trading from the bottom up, meaning that by the end of the event, even those who were previously unfamiliar with the trading sector were able to engage in complex trades. This was so useful because it gave attendees a realistic experience of the trading floor environment, without over-simplifying any of the concepts – which is great for anyone who is passionate about learning more on trading.

  • Frederick, Oxford Finance Society

I have attended a few trading challenges previously as I am fascinated by how markets work. I was impressed by the VCMT Trading Challenge as this was far more in-depth than the others that I have taken part in. The team took the time to explain key terms, strategies, and market dynamics, all of which gave me valuable insight into a real trading scenario.

  • Maninder, Oxford Finance Society