11 November, 2018

VCMT Trading Challenge Comes to Cambridge University

In partnership with CUFIS (Cambridge University Finance and Investment Society), VCMT hosted a Trading Challenge on October 30th at Cambridge University, to give students an insight into the world of commodity markets.

The VCMT Trading Challenge involved a mock pit trading game, where bids and offers were made out in the open market, giving all students a chance to compete for the best trades.

Participants were given a primer on the products we trade, the intricacies of how markets work, and how trades are made. They were also given a breakdown of trading language to use during the challenge – with lingo like "mine", "yours" and “bid on”.

Students also had the opportunity to learn about what it’s like to work at VCMT, from how we encourage challenging each other’s reasoning and logic to concepts of ‘idea meritocracy’ and ‘deliberate practice’ in self-development.

“This event was far more interactive when compared to the traditional banks’ University Trading Events. The trading game was a lot of fun.” – David, CUFIS member

“This was great because it’s the first time I experienced actually trading (buying or selling) – the explanation of trading terminology in the talk was fantastic and to utilise this in the trading game really helped my understanding.” – Ryan, Cambridge University